Vude is a video-sharing app geared towards podcasters, journalists, members, business owners etc. to enable them to create content and earn money. The goal for this brief was to create an app-opening animation that captures the essence of their brand, as well as create a brief lettermark animation that can compete with their competitors (i.e. Tik TikTok, Youtube etc.)


The task was to create a logo animation for their app as well as a lettermark that enabled them to compete with their competitors.

I did this by focusing on the words video and sharing to come up with some potential ideas. I then proceeded to create a storyboard that showcases the process of a user starting a video on the app. 

I decided to illustrate the idea of a user starting a video because I felt it is the most common thing that will occur when using the app.
Idea Generation
Final Outcome
Other Concepts
Lettermark Animation
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